WWE reveals who had the most televised wins in 2017

WWE’s List This series is back with their annual rundown of which Superstars had the most televised wins during the calendar year. In 2016, it was AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose finishing tied at 37 a piece.

One thing that jumps out about the 2017 edition is the lower totals, which is a function of the brand split being in effect for the entire year. No one was working official matches on both brands for months at a time (not even “Free Agent” John Cena), so no one was able to break the 30 win barrier.

We did get a woman in the top five this year, and two repeat entries from 2016. Here’s the list:

5. (tie) Finn Bálor – 24
5. (tie) Roman Reigns – 24
3. Sasha Banks – 25
2. AJ Styles – 26
1. Seth Rollins – 27

This is as of Dec. 24, so if we include the shows from this past week, Finn moves ahead of Reigns and into a tie with The Boss by virtue of his Christmas win over Curt Hawkins, but otherwise the rankings stay the same (without knowing who was in sixth, of course).

Thoughts? Predictions for next year? You know what to do, Cagesiders.

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