Woken Matt Hardy predicts Queen Rebecca will join him in WWE

The Woken Matt Hardy gimmick is off to a very successful start. To say WWE fans have been receptive to the barely modified character Hardy made famous on Impact Wrestling would be an understatement – just listen to those cheers on Christmas Day in Chicago!

But we are missing several pieces which made TNA’s Broken Universe so DELIGHTFUL, namely Matt’s supporting cast. Hardy’s family: his son “King” Maxel, wife Reby aka “Queen Rebecca” and Señor Benjamin (played by Reby’s father) were there for some of the best moments of Hardy’s feuds with Jeff/Brother Nero, Decay and everyone who showed up for the madness that was “Total Nonstop Deletion”.

Debuting a familiar entrance theme this week at Madison Square Garden could open the door for at least one of those folks to join The Woken One on Raw, however. Reby played Matt in on piano on more than one occassion in TNA (see above), and he’s teasing on Twitter that it could become something we see in The ‘E, too:

Seems like it’s news to the Queen, but if the retweets in her timeline are any indication, she’s there for her man if he gets the go ahead:

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